What is a lash lift + tint?

Lash lifts + tints are an uncomplicated, extremely low maintenance, beauty procedure that enhances your eye shape and features, without attaching any extensions to your natural eyelashes. Various curl solutions are applied to your natural lashes in individualized and specifically timed stages, so as not to compromise the health of your natural lashes. The result is an enhanced curl effect (and darkened ‘mascara’ look if you choose to tint your lashes as well), that brightens your complexion, showcases the length of your natural lashes and gives an ‘open eye’ effect, while enhancing the natural beauty of the eye.

Do lash lifts + tints damage natural lashes?

Provided you select a carefully trained and certified professional who is skilled in the correct application of product and procedure timing, then no – your natural lashes will not be damaged.  Arm yourself with plenty of questions and request to see your Lash Artist's certifications.  It’s also very important that the aftercare instructions provided to you by your Lash Artist are followed, in order to both protect your natural lashes, and to best maintain the curl achieved with your treatment. 

Why tint?

The tint in the lash lift + tint procedure compliments the curl results received from the lift and enhances your eyes by creating depth and a darker lash line.  A carefully mixed tint solution created specifically for eyelashes is carefully customized, mixed and applied to your natural lashes as the final stage of the lift treatment.  

But can I wear mascara?

Absolutely! Just not for the first 24 hours after your lash lift + tint service. Then you are free to apply mascara to add even more depth and drama to your lift + tint. Avoiding waterproof mascaras is highly suggested, as removal of waterproof mascara generally means you’re rubbing your eyes a bit more aggressively. Be kind to your lashes.

How long will my lash lift + tint last?

Lash lifts have the potential to last up to 8 weeks, depending on the health and growth cycle of your natural lashes, combined with your lifestyle and aftercare procedures. Lash (and eyebrow) tint has the potential to last up to 4 weeks, depending on lifestyle, exposure to various cleansers, etc. Do avoid oil based cleansers and cosmetics, as well as scrubbing of the eye and brow area to help extend the life of your tint.

How do I prep for my appointment?

​Cleanse face and eye area with an oil-free cleanser - especially the eye and surrounding area, so you arrive to your appointment with makeup-free, clean skin. If you wear contacts, please remove them for your appointment. You can put them back in as soon as your appointment is over. Squeeze in your shower before your appointment if you can, as you shouldn't get your lashes wet /expose them to steam or heat for 24 hours after your service.


What should I expect during my lift + tint treatment?

A lash lift + tint treatment should be a relaxing and pain free procedure. Due to the specific nature of the service, being the application of strong chemical solutions to the eye area, there is a great deal of safety and care required to result in a positive experience and successful service. Therefore, please be prepared to lie completely still, with your eyes closed for the entire duration of your service, which is typically 45 minutes to 1 hour.  


It’s extremely important that talking is limited to the beginning of your service while you’re getting comfortable and having your natural lashes prepped. Once the application process begins, it’s important that you do not talk, for several reasons; Talking activates your facial muscles, which can shift the tape / under eye gel pads or cause lash fluttering, both of which can result in unwanted eye irritation.


Why is aftercare such a big deal?

While lash lifts + tints have the benefit of being VERY low maintenance, it's still important that proper aftercare steps are followed, especially during the first 24 hours post treatment.  The results don’t end once you get off your Lash Artist’s treatment bed.  It’s up to you to follow the guidance given by your Lash Artist and that proper care is taken to maximize the enjoyment of your investment and the protection of your natural eyelashes. We personally provide our clients with a detailed aftercare instruction card to take home, and are happy to discuss the importance of aftercare in further detail.

How about maintenance?

Maintain the curl of your lash lift with a follow up treatment every 6-8 weeks.  A lash tint can be refreshed if necessary, halfway through the life of your lift (approximately 3-4 weeks) to re-darken your lash line.