Classic Lash Extensions

Considering eyelash extensions?

When considering eyelash extensions, it’s important to be aware of a few key points. Firstly, natural eyelashes must be healthy and at least 6mm in length in order to be able to safely support an extension. Otherwise, natural lashes are at risk of damage. Eyelash extensions involve a certain level of commitment, both in maintenance and hygiene. Regular touch ups will be required and stringent after care steps followed, in order to protect your natural lashes and maximize the retention of your lash set.

In addition, it should be noted that not everyone is a candidate for eyelash extensions.  Anyone with high anxiety levels, panic attacks or claustrophobia may not be comfortable with the requirements of the treatment process, as you must be able to lay completely still for 1 to 3 hours with your eyes closed for the entire duration.  This can be a trigger or high stress point for anyone with these conditions.    

Will extensions damage my natural eyelashes?

Not when they are applied by a properly trained and skilled Lash Artist.  There are various important factors to be considered when mapping out a lash extension set, such as the appropriate length and diameter of the extensions to be used, in order to preserve the health and well being of your natural eyelashes.  The art of applying eyelash extensions is a very intricate and technical one, so ensure that your Lash Artist is appropriately trained by asking questions, reviewing their certifications, and researching their work.  


How long will my eye extensions last?

There are many factors that dictate how long they will last.  The main factors being, your body's natural lash cycle (how quickly your natural lashes grow and shed), how well you follow the aftercare instructions (which are provided in hard copy for you for easy reference at home), your skincare routine and type of cosmetics you use, and finally, your lifestyle (for example, intense athletes aren't always great candidates for extensions, because they work out often = lots of sweat and lots of showers!).  

+ In addition to the above factors, it is a common fact that humans shed anywhere from 2 to 5 eyelashes per day.  While this rate varies from person to person, it should be kept in mind, as extensions will shed along with those natural lashes.  


How about maintenance? 

Regular touch ups are recommended every 2 weeks (3 weeks maximum!) after the initial full set is applied, in order to maintain fullness and symmetry.  A 1.5 hour fill appointment should be booked in order to remove the grown out extensions and re-fill with fresh ones, tidy up any patches, and restore fullness.

In order to be considered a maintenance fill, at least 50% of your eyelash extensions should still be in place at the time of your appointment.  Otherwise, a full set service will need to be booked instead.  

In addition, certain seasons (particularly Spring and Autumn for example), generally cause an increase in shedding of natural lashes. During these periods, more frequent maintenance appointments may be required. This is a normal occurrence and to be expected.


+ Due to the time required and lash shed expected at the 2-3 week point, do note that anything after 3 weeks is considered a full set and not a touch up, so a full set service should be booked.   

What’s a patch test?

We offer my clients the opportunity to have a patch test completed to test for any potential allergies to the chemicals in the extension adhesive or under eye gel pads, prior to investing the time and commitment into a full set. While rare, allergic reactions can happen. Under eye gel pads and/or surgical tape are applied as they would be in a full set service, and 5 eyelash extensions are adhered to the outer corners of each eye (10 lashes total). Following aftercare instructions, we evaluate your lashes in 24 to 48 hours to check for signs of allergic reaction to the cyanoacrylate and/or carbon in the extension adhesive. If all clear, we can proceed to schedule your full set. Should a reaction occur, we will not proceed with a full set application and if necessary, will remove the patch test lashes for you free of charge.

How do I prep for my appointment?

Cleanse face and eye area with an oil-free cleanser - especially the eye and surrounding area, so you arrive to your appointment with makeup-free, clean skin. If you wear contacts, please remove them for your appointment. You can put them back in as soon as your appointment is over. Try not to drink any caffeine for an hour or two before your appointment. Caffeine can cause involuntary eye twitching (even if caffeine doesn’t affect your system!)  Squeeze in your shower before your appointment if you can, as you shouldn't get your lashes wet /expose them steam or heat for 24 hours after your service.

What should I expect during my lash extension service?

Your service should be a relaxing and pain free procedure. Due to the specific nature of the service - applying one single lash extension to one single natural lash, there is a great deal of safety and care required to result in a positive experience and successful service. Therefore, please be prepared to lie completely still, with your eyes closed for the entire duration of your service, which can be anywhere from 2 to 3 hours.

It’s extremely important that talking is limited to the beginning of your service while you’re getting comfortable and having your natural lashes prepped. Once the application process begins, it’s important that you do not talk, for several reasons; Talking activates your facial muscles, which can shift the tape / under eye gel pads or cause lash fluttering, both of which can result in unwanted eye irritation.

Why is aftercare such a big deal?

Your post-service aftercare habits can make or break the longevity of your lash extension set. The results don’t end once you get off your Lash Artist’s treatment bed.  It’s up to you to follow the guidance given by your Lash Artist and to ensure that proper care is taken to maximize the enjoyment of your investment and the protection of your natural eyelashes. We personally provide our clients with a detailed aftercare instruction card to take home, and are happy to discuss the importance of aftercare in further detail.